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MoroccanBirds offers authentic jewelry from Moroccan Souk.

All our accessories have a Bohemian/Gypsy twist.

Enjoy your ride 🍃



Our Story, from where we stand, the origin of our love to Moroccan jewelry.

Flying Straight From North Africa, With A Suitcase Full Of Moroccan/Bohemian Jewelry !


MoroccanBirds are two sisters who are unconditionally in love with their country. Amazed by the beauty of their culture, the two sisters always knew that they had to share it with the rest of the world. They felt a specific attachment to jewelry since they have inherited this passion from their mother.  When they were younger, they spent time buying pearls, beads, and conceiving bracelets; and they have even started a business by selling their creations during family events. Those memories remain engraved in their minds. 

After years of study and travels, the two sisters are back to square one and “MoroccanBirds” is born. 

Today, MoroccanBirds want to share the real Moroccan legacy by offering a line of handcrafted chokers/ cuffs and jewelry/ accessories.

All the pieces are one of a kind. Zero duplication

Enjoy the ride and embrace MoroccanBirds universe🍃

My mother is my root, my foundation. She planted the seed that I base my life on, and that is the belief that the ability to achieve starts in your mind
— Michael Jordan
Our Mother, Casablanca - Morocco, 1990

Our Mother, Casablanca - Morocco, 1990

Born in the white city of Morocco, Casablanca. Economics/ Financial studies in Montreal, Canada. 

Since her young age, jewelry has always been part of her life. Traveling through different cities, she always brings with her a piece of jewelry as a travel stamp.

Artist is her soul, gypsy is her spirit. In 2008, She started flying all over the globe and realizing the cultural richness of her hometown. She committed herself to share it with the world!

Current location: New York City, USA

Born in Casablanca, Morocco. Business/ Commerce studies in Montreal, Canada.                  

Turkey, Spain, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, Italy, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Brazil... Bird94 is indeed a passionate adventurer.

World traveler, solitary explorer, jewelry lover; She has a flair for creativity. In each stop, her backpack is full of inspiration and authenticity.

Current Location: Montreal, QC, Canada


  Let The Flight Begins...

Moroccan Birds - موروكن بوردس