When Choker Trend Becomes MoroccanBirds Main Inspiration !

Here is the story of Rim, co-founder of MoroccanBirds:

"When I was 4 years old (1998), the first gift that I remember from my mother was a velvet choker. I loved it deep down my heart that I never take it off. The choker was always on me! It was kind of my first crush. Two decades later, choker's trend is back on track as the most popular item in fashion jewelry; You can imagine my excitement about this coming back". 

So, unless you have been living on an isolated island in the South Atlantic, you should have noticed that all the “IT Girls" felt in love with the ‘90s choker's rebirth. Gigi Hadid, Kendal Jenner or Selena Gomez, these girls are always adding a choker to their daily outfits. Choker pops-up their look and give them a super trendy style. We love it!

Now, my question: Why is everyone obsessed with this particular accessory?

The answer is simple. Choker works on absolutely anyone, from young girls to active women. It is a versatile piece of jewelry that makes lasting impressions to the people around you. It gives dimension to your chest and identity to your outfit. Trust me, choker makes you feel attractive, tested and approved ;).

Choker's trend was definitely our biggest inspiration when we started creating MoroccanBirds. We decided to revisit chokers by adding our special and unique Moroccan touch. We are using two fabrics specific to the most popular item in Moroccan fashion: The Kaftan. These two fabrics are "Sfifa" and "Akad", the Arabic words of the Kaftan edge fabric and Kaftan knob. The Kaftan represents the typical Moroccan dress that we wear in weddings and special occasions. In MoroccanBirds, we try to always add a Moroccan stamp to our collections.

In fact, MoroccanBirds is a unique brand that blends Moroccan tradition with today's trend; And chokers are definitely one of them. Here are some tips that show you how to wear MoroccanBirds Chokers: 

  • Never wear your MoroccanBirds Choker with something that hides your collar bones. By collar bones, we mean something that covers your shoulders and chest (the most attractive part of a woman’s body). 
  • Wear your MoroccanBirds Choker with other chains, it gives Boho-Gypsy vibes to your style
  • Wear your MoroccanBirds Choker with an off-shoulder top and your fav’ fringe purse to reinforce your Boho side
  • Last but not least, add-on a bright matte lipstick to pop your look