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5 Tips on How To Wear Statement Necklace


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5 Tips on How To Wear Statement Necklace


To define a Statement Necklace in one word : "BOLD". The reason why we call it Statement Necklace is because it literally makes a statement of your look.

Statement necklace takes you out from your comfort zone. This piece of jewelry makes you feel unique. It is heavy, chunky and attention-grabbing; embrace these facts and appreciate all attention given. 

The following tips will help you match your look and make sure to be attractive without being "Too much".

Let's all enjoy our neck !

  • Long Neck. Stand Straight to keep your neck elegant { advise from ballerina dancers :) } 
  • No earrings. When we say no earrings, we mean no oversized pendant earrings. This will be just "Too much". However, keeping your daily studs can be an option. 
  • Neutral Colours. To emphasize on the necklace itself, make sure to wear neutral colours such as beige, ivory, taupe, gray, black or white. 
  • Basic Look. The outfit you should focus on is very simple. NO EXTRA. Boyfriend jeans and off-shoulder top can make the deal (MoroccanBird outfit).
  • Natural Makeup. For more punch to your look, do not forget to add-on a Mat/Bold lipstick such as KatVonD everlasting liquid or NYX liquid Suede.

You are all set ! Do not forget to tag us #MBootd

Can't wait to see your Gorgeous Look !

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