Marrakesh Getaway

There is something indescribable about Marrakesh, right? It has a unique atmosphere; an exotic vibe prevails. In this post, it is all about the majestic city, our biggest inspiration. We want to share our world, where we come from, basically the reason behind MoroccanBirds creativity. Indeed, Marrakesh has a singular stamp, a mixture of old and new with the appeal of a mysterious city. It has its own personality; a city of cultures that fascinates both locals and foreigners.

So, Let’s travel through the “red city” and its surroundings:

Old Town: Medina

Obviously, our number one favorite spot is Marrakesh’s exciting labyrinth: “The Medina." Like the majority of cities in Morocco, Marrakesh is divided into two main districts: the old town called “Medina” and the new town (where you can find well-known brands, shops, and modern markets). Also, if you want to have a hint of the authentic old Morocco, and live the full experience, we suggest staying at “Riads”. Riads are houses in the heart of the Medina that merge traditional moroccan home with a modern decor, it is essentially an old-style of Moroccan home. You can taste the traditional local food and enjoy bohemian roof terraces. The heart of the Medina is the vast square of Jamaa El-Fna. Besides busy bazaars, you can find musicians, storytellers, acrobats, snake charmers and wandering monkeys. Outdoor celebrations stay all night long; a genuine experience, you shouldn’t miss! 


Atlas Mountains

Pictures speak for themselves! The Atlas Mountains are about 1 500 miles of wildlife, oasis, mountains, and woodland; a wonderful breather. The red-brownish shade makes landscapes very unique. Various Berber tribes reside in this area. The Atlas Mountains is the perfect destination for wander-luster and individuals looking to escape their hectic routine.


Kasbah Tamadot

Earlier we mentioned staying at “Riads” in the heart of the old town; that's a great option for individuals who want to feel the red city's vibration. However, if you are looking for calm and dreaminess, Kasbah Tamadot is the perfect place for you. You will completely disconnect from your busy life and reconnect with nature. In fact, in this magical place, you will enjoy the fresh air of the High Atlas Mountains. You will be amazed by the beauty of the gardens, the originality of the 28 rooms/suites, and the hospitality of the staff. Overall, a real getaway far from souk noises and crowded bazaars.