3 Ways to Style Your Statement Ring

A chunky, bold and uncommon piece; Statement ring has always been an eye-catching piece of jewelry. We all love being different and having our own style. Statement jewelry is what will add a unique touch to your look. When asking about statement jewelry, most of us think about necklaces. Rings can make a statement too, you can go from a casual-chic to boho-gypsy look with simply ONE ring. They are mostly colorful and noticeable. Some show their personality through these type of jewelry others are more hesitant, well you shouldn’t be!

Statement rings can be tough to pair but when well combined you can bring a simple outfit to an outstanding trendy look. So give a punch to your daily outfit and follow these three tips:

  • Clean Nail Polish

Bring attention to your hand and opt for a clean nail polish. When wearing a statement ring, you need to focus on the ring itself, so avoid glittery and too flashy nail polish. These nail polishes will be just too much! We need to keep the attention on the ring. Make sure to choose a color that matches your metal. For example, your could combine Gold with an inky blue shade; a Silver metal with a deep red, plum, white or gray shade. From darker to lighter colors, your hand will look stunning with a statement ring. Just make sure your mani don’t look messy!

  • Stack your rings

Combining statement rings is eye-catching and very trendy especially when you have an empty wrist and beautifully painted nails.  A simple merger of rings can spice it up your look. When layering stones rings, make sure to choose a similar metal on each hand to create harmony. Mixing colors and shapes are essential; So make sure to rock your combination!

  • Basic outfit  

Creating our own look can be sometimes overwhelming. So adding small pieces such as chunky statement rings to a casual outfit is definitely a way to personalize your look. You need to keep in mind that less is always more when aiming for modern hippie Bohemian style. So make sure to wear basics, jeans and opt for neutral shades (FYI: Our Favorite combination is white basic top and ripped jeans ). The key element for a Boho-Gypsy style is to have an attention grabbing look. So, be creative and stack your statement rings!