Handcrafted Jewelry: The Perfect Christmas Gift

It’s that time of the year again!! Christmas is coming soon and everyone is looking for the perfect Christmas gift. There is no better time to show your love to those who have been here for you.  When it comes to the women of your life what better Christmas gift than a piece of jewelry to make them feel special.  But what type of jewelry you should go for? And what is best for your Girlfriend/Spouse? Mum? Grandma? Sister?

If you want to warm the heart of your receiver, you should definitely opt for handcrafted jewelry. In MoroccanBirds, all the pieces are unique because they are handmade by passionate Moroccan artisans. They are artists that are dedicated to what they are producing. In addition to that, we offer very limited quantity per item, so it makes MoroccanBirds’ pieces even more singular. We do that on purpose because we want to enhance the uniqueness and singularity of each woman. Unlike mass produced items, one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry makes the perfect Christmas gift. By offering them a unique item, you are proving their worth to you.

Have you been convinced that handcrafted jewelry is the best option? Now, let's focus on what kind of jewelry should be giving to whom.

1.  Statement Silver Earrings: Perfect Christmas Gift for your Girlfriend/Spouse

You can definitely surprise your other half with a trend that has made a comeback: Statement Earrings. Since the earrings are made of sterling silver, they look pretty neutral. Therefore, she would be able to wear clothing in any color: from a summer red dress to a warm grey oversized sweater. All the active women are wearing statement earrings to add a boho-chic touch to their outfit, so why not YOUR woman?

2. Gypsy Silver Necklace: Perfect Christmas Gift for your Mum

Your mum actually deserves the biggest treasure of the world! But let’s assume you can not afford that, what’s better than a gorgeou necklace that will make her feel like a queen. Necklaces are very attractive and are often considered to be the focus of attention. It will help her define who she truly is and express her own personality. If she likes defining her self as a free-spirited woman, a bohemian soul, then our line of Moroccan Boho silver necklaces would be perfect for her.

3. Boho-Chic Silver Cuff: Perfect Christmas Gift for your GrandMa

Your grand-mother surely has a special place in your heart. She always appreciates being remembered and cherish and what’s better occasion to do so than Christmas? Our proposal: encircle her wrist with a sophisticated sterling silver bracelet. They look very graceful and chic on women of all ages.

4. Trendy Choker & Cuff Combo: Perfect Christmas Gift for your Sister

Chokers work on absolutely anyone, including your sister :). It is a versatile piece of jewelry that makes lasting impressions to the people around you. It gives dimension to your chest and identity to your outfit.  We decided to revisit chokers and cuffs by adding our special and unique Moroccan touch.