Moroccan Jewelry Inspired by The Moroccan Kaftan

You've all heard about the typical Moroccan dress called ‘‘Kaftan’’. Moroccans wear them for celebrations such as wedding, baptism or just regular parties. It is a dress that shapes perfectly woman’s body. A sort of ornament used by Moroccan Women to define themselves.

There's something special about the Moroccan Jewelry we offer. Not only it is entirely handmade using pure silver, but it also has a unique and authentic design. We often merge sterling silver with fabrics used in the kaftan to come up with creative pieces of Moroccan jewelry. Here are examples:

Al' Touyour Silver Necklace 

A simple choker yet authentic that will enhance your outfit by sitting perfectly on the base of the neck. The Moroccan touch of “kitane” (material used to sew "the kaftan") overlays on sterling silver and makes it traditional and trendy at the same time. 

Al'Nasr Malaki Silver Necklace

This royal piece of Moroccan Jewelry is your new way to make a statement – show it off with a deep neckline. Made of Sterling silver and “Akad” which are usually used to close the “kaftan”. 

Skalli Choker

Authentic Moroccan jewelry entirely inspired by the Moroccan Kaftan. It's made of silver and gold threads usually used to sew the Moroccan dress. The closure has the shape of "serifa" which is a way to makes it adjustable to any neck.  


The Moroccan cuffs are also completely inspired by the Moroccan Kaftan. To close it, you need to enter the "akad" into the appropriate circle. The closure gives to this Moroccan jewelry piece an original and authentic stamp.