Be Coachella Jewelry Ready

Every year, thousands of people gather around for the most attended spring festival: the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Located in the city of Indio in California, Coachella takes place during two weekends each year. So the party keeps on going to the sound of the music from the 12th to the 21st of April. Founded in 1999, the Coachella festivities include performances by a great number of popular artists from different kinds of music (pop, hip-hop, electronic, indie etc.). Also, many art installations and sculptures are exposed for the pleasure of the festival-goers. With the diversity of attractions available at the Coachella Festival, from the roller coasters, the variety of food to the astonishing music performances, Coachella is surely one of the most famous and profitable festivals in the world. Indeed, it attracts approximately more than 250 000 party lovers each year including many celebrities that enjoy these one of a kind festivities..

Apart from all the installations available on site, a famous characteristic of the festival is the bohemian-inspired style and the warrior style worn by many of the festival-goers. The festival is known to be a place where fashion is omnipresent. Boho sundresses, flower crowns or cropped shorts are the classic go-to Coachella outfits. Many different styles of outfits can also be worn from crochet tops, white dresses to camo pants with a crop top. However, the important aspect here are the accessories that you choose to match your outfit. Indeed, the Coachella jewelry is important to complement the overall look. Having the proper jewelry can really add a certain spark to your style and differentiate yourself from other festival-goers. So what do we exactly mean when we say Coachella jewelry?

The Coachella jewelry pieces are always extravagant and bold. A lot of bib necklaces, silver bracelets and rings or eye-catching earrings complement perfectly the more edgy outfits. On the other side, if the look you are aiming for is more bohemian-inspired, the Coachella jewelry you choose will be different. The accessories will consist more of chokers, cuffs, colourful rings and earrings. However, the outfit can be a mix of edgy and boho vibes. You can stack as many rings, bracelets or necklaces as you want. It’s a festival after all ! That’s the beauty of it. You can mix and match different styles in one look, like wearing statement pieces with a bohemian-inspired outfit. You are free to be whoever you want and look however you want. Be unique, Be you!

If you are lucky enough to be part of the Coachella celebrations this year or if you are attracted to the boho style of the festival, Moroccan Birds has you covered! Here are few pieces from our collection that would match the Coachella jewelry vibes:

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