All You Need To Know About Choker Necklaces

Choker necklaces, usually called ‘’chokers’’ resurged from the 90’s and are omnipresent accessories in the fashion industry nowadays. Since then, chokers are seen everywhere. The trend consists mostly of wearing multiple layers of choker necklaces. They come in a variety of styles, materials and textures. Indeed, from velvet to lace chokers, classic black ones to dainty layers of tiny chains, choker necklaces are definitely versatile pieces that add a certain spark to your outfit and overall style. You can stack them up to have an edgier look or go for simplicity with a unique classical choker. It is certain that chokers are go-to pieces that remain fashionable through the length of seasons. However, in most of our minds, chokers have appeared in the 90’s and acquired a great amount of visibility with many celebrities wearing them. But choker necklaces have a much longer history.

As everyone know, chokers are jewelry that fit closely around the neck. They actually became popular in the 19th century. One of the first form of choker was made of pearls that covered the neck completely. The velvet choker with a cameo to its center was also another popular one. In 1874, ballerinas were wearing chokers. They were part of their costumes. Also, in the late 1800’s, wearing magnificent chokers were markers of the elite. Indeed, chokers were made of pearls and diamonds. The term ‘’dog collars’’ appeared to describe the designs of these necklaces incorporating velvet, lace, diamonds and all the unimaginable luxury. In Great Britain, Queen Alexandra was seen wearing a choker filled with rows of pearls and velvet. In the 1940’s, the choker trend or the ‘’dog collar’’ trend re-appeared briefly to disappear for many years.

The 90’s were definitely the return of the choker necklaces. At the beginning of the 90’s, it was the gothic takeover. Chokers consisted mostly of spikes, metals and were in tons of black. In the late 90’s, one form of choker that was really popular was the tattoo choker. It was a springy and tight plastic necklace designed to mimic a tattoo. Worn very close to the neck, the tattoo choker was the perfect accessory for everyday life, but also was a fashion statement.

In the early 2000’s, many celebrities were still wearing chokers, but they kind of disappeared until 2014 or so. From then on, many fashion brands added the loved-again chokers to their collections and have been offering a great variety of styles, materials and colors to the trendy accessory.

At Moroccan Birds, the trend surrounding chokers was a definite source of inspiration for our collection. However, we wanted our pieces to be unique, just like you are. We then decided to revisit the choker by adding Moroccan Birds’s special touch. Indeed, our choker necklaces are made of two Moroccan fabrics used in the making of the Kaftan dress: ‘’Sfifa’’ and ‘’Akad’’. The materials are authentic and of quality. With many different styles and colors varying from silver, gold to red, our chokers are affordable pieces for an everyday outfit or a more dressed up look. They are also easy to wear by their adjustability. Discover our versatile chokers: