Moroccan Birds X Chabi Chic

For a few years now, Moroccan Birds has been making collaborations with different stores around the world from the United States to Morocco. The collaborations are usually based on similar values shared by the store and Moroccan Birds.

Just in time for summer, we are very happy to announce our new collaboration with Chabi Chic. The collab officially started mid-April and is occurring now. But what’s the collaboration and Chabi Chic all about?

Mainly situated in the city of Marrakesh in Morocco, Chabi Chic is a company specialized in oriental decorations. Chabi Chic was originally created in 2013 by two women who moved from Paris to Morocco. They decided to create a brand that mixes authenticity, classiness and trendiness. At Chabi Chic, many products are available from everything you need for your table (plates, mugs, glasses, etc.), cosmetics (argan oils, body lotions) to fashion items (jewelry, clothes). Chabi Chic’s main mission is to revisit the Moroccan lifestyle by offering products that are traditional and trendy at the same time. Also, everything is handmade which makes each piece even more unique.

Like Chabi Chic, the handmade aspect is very important for Moroccan Birds. Indeed, the two founders’ main mission is to preserve the Berber jewelry making techniques and to share them with the rest of the world. The two brands share the same values in terms of valuing the art of handmade pieces and making the Moroccan culture shine even more. It’s all about supporting local communities and preserving the Moroccan heritage.

Exclusively for Chabi Chic, Moroccan Birds created colors inspired by Marrakesh and it’s warm and bright atmosphere. You can find Al’Touyour necklaces and Al’Balbal earrings in three exclusive colors:  Ocher, Terracotta and White beige.

If you’re visiting the beautiful city of Marrakesh, make sure you go to the Chabi Chic stores and have a look at our Moroccan Birds’s pieces. You can find the perfect handmade souvenir from Morocco! Here are the addresses:

  • Hôtel Beldi Country Club, Dam Road, Km6

  • Jemaa El Fna, Medina 106, Rue Kennaria, Quartier Rue des banks