Jewelry Boxes Inspired By The "Moucharabieh"

Buying new jewelry implies taking good care of it. But finding a safe place to protect your jewelry pieces isn’t always ideal. Your jewelry box is always packed and the quality of your jewelry decreases with time. When you buy quality pieces, you want them to last a lifetime. Also, you want to be able to see and have easy access to them, so it is easier in the morning when you’re getting prepared. Because of all these reasons, Moroccan Birds had the idea of creating jewelry boxes. 

Moroccan Birds jewelry boxes come in two formats. The first jewelry box format only fits small jewelry pieces. It is the perfect box to put in your favorite jewelry to have at your fingertips at all times. The other box format is bigger and fits many jewelry pieces. It can become your new favorite jewelry box and a place where your pieces are well-protected. Also, it is important to know that all Moroccan Birds jewelry boxes are handmade. Valuing the ‘’handmade’’ is part of the mission and the essence of the brand. The material used in the creation of the jewelry boxes is natural wood and the color is wood beige. As for the design of the boxes, the source of inspiration is ‘’moucharabieh’’. But what is ‘’moucharabieh’’ exactly?

Moucharabieh is an architectural element that is often present in Arabic residences. It is decorative and usually found on wooden windows, doors or gates. The moucharabieh has been used since the Middle Ages in traditional Arabic architecture. It is different pieces of wood that have been assembled geometrically on a panel. More than a simple decorative style, moucharabieh are very ingenious. The air drafts that pass by their openings make the air of the house fresher. Also, moucharabieh are perfect to see before being seen. The origin of the name ‘’moucharabieh’’ comes from the Arab term signifying ‘’drinking’’. In the past, Arabs had the habit of drinking water in the shadows of the moucharabieh where jars of water were disposed. Therefore, the Arabic term ‘’mashrabiya’’ became ‘’moucharabieh’’. Nowadays, the moucharabieh style is very popular and evokes the grand palaces of the Arabic world. It is at the heart of the oriental decoration. 

Very much part of the Moroccan architecture, the beauty of moucharabieh greatly inspired the creation of Moroccan Birds jewelry boxes. By the handmade character and moucharabieh design of these boxes, the Moroccan touch is very much alive.

For a limited time only, if you buy for more than 150$, you will receive a wooden jewelry box for free!