4 Reasons Why Opting For Handmade Moroccan Jewelry

Do you imagine buying a manufactured painting?

Yes! you are probably wondering “why are they talking about painting”. Well, we deeply believe that a piece of jewelry is a real piece of art, a unique sculpture that we need to cherish and be honoured to own.

MoroccanBirds is proudly offering a one-of-a-kind handmade Moroccan jewelry collection, and here are 4 reasons why:

1.    Each piece is unique to itself : Exclusive !

We all are exhausted arriving at a party and noticing two other girls wearing the exact same necklace as ours. We understand you ! Time to turn to one-a-kind jewelry; at MoroccanBirds, there is no item that matches another, simply because it is made by real human and not automated robots.

2. No Machines, Only Humans!

As we said earlier, all MoroccanBirds items are handcrafted by individuals, they are artists that are crafting for decades. Our artisans are dedicated to what there are producing. In fact, the spirit of MoroccanBirds is about delivering something that is meaningful and has a value; not something that speeds up the production process (only for revenues’ purposes). MoroccanBirds jewelry is made with love, care, passion and attention to details.

3. Quality over Quantity

At MoroccanBirds, we focus on delivering Moroccan jewelry that are meant to last for a long period of time. Artisans handcraft it with so much love and passion that you can almost feel their energy when wearing the actual Moroccan jewelry. It might take MoroccanBirds more time to verify and adjust each piece of Moroccan jewelry but we guarantee that the extra time is definitely worth it.

4. Cultural Connection

When you buy MoroccanBirds jewelry, it is more than a piece of Moroccan jewelry owned, it is a piece of the Moroccan culture; A heritage. Moroccan legacy is mainly defined by the diversity of its jewelry representation. It refers to various tribes and ethnic groups of Morocco. It is a sort of stamp for each and every tribes.

Indeed, MoroccanBirds line of jewelry is unique and makes you feel special in many ways. So if someone asks you: “Can i buy same as yours”, well, you have a valid reason to say: “No!”

Handmade jewelry is unique, just like you are!