How Coachella festival inspires MoroccanBirds

Coachella festival has always been an inspiration to MoroccanBirds since day one. It is a worldwide festival where the most popular trends are revealed. All celebrities are reunited in this wild region. Everyone is expressing its own style. Coachella festival definitely marks the start of summer with the trendiest outfits, jewelry, and accessories. Coachella influences brands from any kind; it captivates the entire world attention. Let’s talk about Coachella jewelry inspiration!

Jewelry is the highlight of this event. From bohemian statement necklaces, gypsy rings to 90s chokers; these accessories/ jewelry are a must-have for the festival. It gives a flavor to a basic outfit. 

MoroccanBirds jewelry was created because of our unconditional love for one-of-a-kind jewelry and our cultural richness. Our jewelry collection is mainly inspired by Moroccan tribal symbols and bright shades. Our Motto:  “Blending Traditional Jewelry with Today’s trend”.

From bold statement necklaces to handcrafted chokers and from chunky rings to bright cuffs; Coachella vibes are guaranteed. It is all about being unique and singular just by combining jewelry and accessories. Layers of necklaces, stackable rings, and headpieces are essentials in the Boho-Gypsy trend. All of these are inspired by Moroccan indigenous tribes were jewelry exists to empower women of all ages.