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MoroccanBirds is based in New York City and offering Moroccan Jewelry/ Accessories with Gypsy & Bohemian twist | One-of-a-kind Moroccan jewelry is our key statement.

When Rio inspires MoroccanBirds


MoroccanBirds Blog is dedicated to season trends, insights, travels, cultures, and traditions. All blog posts have as main focus jewelry and moroccan culture.

When Rio inspires MoroccanBirds



MoroccanBirds was created to share more than a piece of Moroccan jewelry; we want to share a piece of our heritage and culture, with a global twist. The beauty, authenticity, and positive vibes of the cities we visit inspire us. In each and every city, we find different inspiration. We select our handcrafted Moroccan jewelry based on the culture of the cities we have visited around the world. 

Rio is definitely one of these cities. The young women we saw selling jewelry by the beach were selling more than a product- they are selling their passion, creativity, and love of tradition. The underlying strength and beauty of their culture has been a real source of inspiration for our Moroccan jewelry selection.

In fact, Rio de Janeiro was MoroccanBirds’s biggest crush not only because of their rich culture but also because of the their landscape beauty. The amazing thing about this city is the mix of the mountains and the sea, which enables you to enjoy insane beaches as well as intense hikes.

Beaches that MoroccanBirds recommends are:

    •    Ipanema Beach- This beach is one of the largest and most well known beaches in Rio de Janeiro, however, Ipanema is full of surprises. Tiny bathing suits, Caipirinhas and Capoeira will be just a few of the things waiting for you! (No, it’s not just clichés.. It’s so much more!)  - MB tip: “Posto 9” is the hot spot to catch some rays. 

    •    Ilha Grande- This is a must see island located off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. After a three hour van ride from Rio, hop on a boat for a quick 30 minute ride to the island. There are a variety of tours to the numerous beaches the island offers. -  MB tip: Go to “Lopes Mendes beach” (it has been ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil the world).

Rio has lots more to offer than beaches and samba, here are some hikes that MoroccanBirds recommends: 

    •    Moro Dois Irmaos (Two Brothers)- Dois Irmaos refers to the two iconic hills next to Ipanema Beach. It has a stunning view of Rio De Janeiro! Definitely worth the two hour hike. - MB tip: You have to take a moto or van to get to the top of the favela before starting the hike. If you find yourself in the middle of a soccer field, don’t worry, you’re in the right place! The trail starts right behind the field. 

    •    Corcovada- The hike to see the famous Cristo Redentor (the giant stone Jesus statue), which is one of the new seven wonders of the world. - MB tip: Instead of taking the train, try the hour and a half hike up to the top where you will then take a van to the summit. The hike may be steep and strenuous, but the views and sensations are definitely worth it.

At MoroccanBirds we love travelling the world, meeting new people and sharing our culture. We will continue to make this as part of our journey: flying and discovering the world, while we share suitcases full of unique pieces of Moroccan jewelry throughout North America. 

From MB with love ✨