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MoroccanBirds offers authentic jewelry from Moroccan Souk.

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Al'Andalouss Blue Choker

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MoroccanBirds chokers and cuffs products are handcrafted in Morocco, North Africa.

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Al'Andalouss Blue Choker


Al'Andalouss Blue Choker

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Al'Andalouss Blue Choker is designed in New York by MoroccanBirds and handcrafted in Morocco by passionate artisans. This Choker makes you feel unique, no one will be wearing same as yours due to very limited stock.

How to wear it: 

Al'Andalouss can be combined with a white lace dress. Never forget a matte lipstick, MB favorite one for this choker is "MAC Cosmetics" Chili shade, orange-red pumpkin shade.

Details & Care:  

Material: Gold, Blue & Black silk thread with Moroccan knobs called "Akad" in Arabic. These are used in traditional Kaftan.

Measurements: 12.5 inches

Care: When not worn, avoid sunlights exposure and place it in the linen purse provided.

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Shipping & Handling:

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