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MoroccanBirds is based in New York City and offering Moroccan Jewelry/ Accessories with Gypsy & Bohemian twist | One-of-a-kind Moroccan jewelry is our key statement.

Al'Kenz Necklace

MB Necklaces

MoroccanBirds ethnic and tribal Necklaces collection is handcrafted in Morocco. Moroccan jewelry made with love!

Al'Kenz Necklace


Al'Kenz Necklace


- MB Premium Collection - 

This statement necklace is a unique piece of Moroccan Heritage, it is worn in weddings and celebrations. This vintage item is unique because of the Moroccan clasp in the back called "Majdul" in Arabic and its handmade aspect.

How to wear it: 

Al'Kenz Necklace can be combined with a white off-shoulder and a wide-leg denim to keep a basic outfit and emphasize on the collar.

Details & Care:  

> Material: Garnet
> Measurements: 18 inches adjustable
> Care: When not used, avoid sunlights exposure and moisture; place it in the linen purse provided.

For any additional info, contact us through the website under "Contact Us" section, we will be more than happy to answer you. 

Shipping & Handling:

> All unused items are exchangeable and returnable, no question asked!
> Free US Shipping

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