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MoroccanBirds offers authentic jewelry from Moroccan Souk.

All our accessories have a Bohemian/Gypsy twist.

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Two sisters flying with Moroccan style. Moroccan jewelry and accessories with a Boho-Gypsy twist. Based in New York City, MoroccanBirds is offering a line of one-of-a-kind jewelry.


Moroccan Jewelry w/ Boho-Gypsy Twist

Blending Tradition with Today's Trend is Our Key Statement

May 2016, Morocco, North Africa.

May 2016, Morocco, North Africa.

Traditions x Trends

Traditions are same as life. Traditions are aged and have appeared in a period of time often drowned in the past. They are transmitted in a period that we are unable to trace. In fact, traditions lost their actual impact within the time; They fade away. Traditional jewelry in Morocco follow the same path. We are unable to give an exact period of time where wearing jewelry became a tradition.
— Jacques et Marie-Rose Rabaté, Bijoux du Maroc, 1996

Indeed, Moroccan Jewelry suffers from lack of historical data, however its specificity makes it unique and everlasting. Since forever in Morocco exists tribes having their own jewelry representation, it defines their identity. It is a sort of brand clan.

Today, as Moroccan birds, we want to embrace the past and share with you our brand clan. Bringing back those aged traditions inculcated by our family and our culture overall, is our priority. MoroccanBirds is a website that highlights Berber/ Moroccan jewelry, it is inspired by ethnical symbols mixed with a Gypsy/ Boho flair. Blending Traditions x Trends is our key statement.

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