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Pure Silver Jewelry. Designed in New York. Handmade in Morocco.

More than a simple accessory.

A line of jewelry that has a meaning, a history, and a long-lasting value.


Revisiting the Moroccan Legacy

We blend Moroccan heritage with today’s popular trend to create unique pieces full of history and originality.
— Rim, Co-founder


Preserving a heritage

All Moroccan Birds pieces are ethically handmade by artisans located in Tiznit, which is the heart of the Moroccan silver craftsmanship.

Moroccan Birds aims to preserve ancestral Berber jewelry-making techniques by empowering the work of local artisans. 


Berber women were defining themselves through a unique combination of silver jewelry: an authentic tribal signature.

Moroccan Birds’ line of jewelry is greatly inspired by these women and the way they felt empowered when putting their jewelry on.